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Eat Plant Love (EPL), established in 2022 by Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd, the creators of the renowned BoBo fishballs brand, is a pioneering brand in Singapore's plant-based food industry. Born out of a commitment to sustainability and global food security, EPL aims to support initiatives like Singapore's 30 by 30 program. With an in-house R&D team, EPL focuses on creating affordable, delicious, and Asian-inspired plant-based cuisine. Notable collaborations with local F&B establishments like Xi De Li and Li Xin Teochew Fish Ball Noodles highlight EPL's growing influence. Looking ahead, EPL is committed to driving positive change in the food industry by offering innovative, tasty, and affordable plant-based alternatives.

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Plant-based ingredients refers to foodsthat are derived from plants and arefree of animal products. 植物性食材是指源自于植物的食品,不含动物成分。

Rolling in Greens

EPL Plant-based Vegetable Roll 五香卷

Made with onion, carrot, spring onion, cellulose, and soy protein, and wrapped tightly in a bean curd sheet. Top them atop of your favourite laksa!

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EPL Mushroom Roll 蘑菇丸

Boasting an earthy flavour, these mushroom balls are perfect accompaniments for local delights such as bak chor mee.

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Ocean's Delight

EPL Calamari 鱿鱼圈

Made with pea protein and konjac, offering a similar mouthfeel to the real seafood. The perfect snacks for movies!

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Bite into a Better Future

EPL Plant-based ball 植物丸子

Bouncy in texture, these balls of goodness make a great ingredient for a simple soup, yong tau foo or even your mala xiang guo!

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